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Too often in my life I find myself looking at the areas where I'm lacking or I see the things I don't have or feel like others have their lives together more than I do. Then I remember to be grateful for all I have and realize that it's up to me to find ways to use the gifts I've been given.  Many areas of our lives are like templates and we get to take the life we have and make it into the life we've always dreamt of.  Sorta of like asking ourselves, "What do I have in my pantry that I can use to create a masterpiece meal? 

For example, I don't live in a 100-year old farmhouse or creekside cottage or a grand and colorful Victorian.  I live in a tract house.  It's a beautiful tract house, but it's still a builder's grade house with good bones.  It's my template.  Now I can take what I have and make it into what I want it to be.  

Or say we're talking about your health or your personal talents, or maybe that midcentury table you bought on Craig's List thinking you'd refinish it but it's still in your garage.  Or those recipes you see on Pinterest.  They're all templates.  Ours to develop into what we want them to be. And this belief is why I blog; I want to help other women discover how to use their gifts to go where they desire to be.

So, what's in your pantry?  Which of your templates are you working on this week? 
How can I help?  




My website should probably be called, "The Great Adventures of Annie and Her Mom" instead of Libby & Me, because this little gal is the reason the blog is in existence today. But that's a story for another day.

The dream of being Annie's mom started one hot summer afternoon when I was about 15 years old. Like any typical teenager, I was bored so I found an old book on the shelf in my parent's bedroom, stretched myself across their bed and began to read. It was the story of a small Korean child who was adopted by an American family and for some reason, at that moment I knew I would some day adopt at least one child.

After I married and gave birth to 3 wonderful children, we decided to adopt. Our first adoption was an international adoption, but the child wasn't Asian; she was from Eastern Europe. It was a difficult adoption because the child suffered from a severe attachment disorder. After 6 years of giving it everything we had, the child was placed in a residential treatment center to see if she could be helped. She never came back to live with us, but at age 20 she gave birth to a child she was unable to care for and that child is my Annie. God took the loss of one child and turned it around to bless us.
 And here we are today!


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