Easy Pasta with Chicken

There are times when you walk into your kitchen at 5 pm and staring aimlessly into your refrigerator, then you walk past your pantry with an empty stomach and as you hear yourself sigh a deep sigh, you know you’re in trouble. The witching hour has begun.  Your kids are whiny, and your husband just […]

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The Best Easy Pasta Dish You Can Make

The weather is finally cooling off and the leaves on the trees are slowly beginning to show their vibrant reds, golds, and oranges.  This can mean only one thing:  IT’S TIME FOR SUNDAY SOUP GROUP!!! “What the heck is Sunday Soup Group”, you might be asking.  Well, let me be the one to introduce you […]

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Do You Love Soup?

“Memories you’ve shared, gone for good, you feared They’re all around you still, though they’ve disappeared. Nothing’s really left or lost without a trace Nothing’s gone forever, only out of place.” From Mary Poppins Returns “Nothing is ever really lost to us…” Tomorrow Annie, Garry and I are going to spend a family afternoon at […]

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The Secret Life of Memories

Hey there! I decided I would try something new and give you some helpful information but tell it in the form of a story.  The story is about Mike and Margaret (Maggie) Harrison, the owners of Maggie’s Magical Garden and Inn, in Eaglerock, Virginia.  Maggie has an organic garden (a woman after my own heart!) […]

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This morning my husband called up to me from our kitchen and said, “Hey honey, I have an idea of something we can do today; let’s clean out the pantry!”  Oh my gosh! Such a brilliant idea!  Last year we pulled everything out of our pantry, including the shelving, and cleaned it, painted it and […]

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How to Feel Good About Your Spring Cleaning

Unfinished Project

Hey there! Thanks for joining me again for part two of my tips for you to think about BEFORE you start a redecorating project!  Here’s the link to Part I if you haven’t had a chance to read it: libbyandme.com  Currently, I’m hot and heavy in the throes of redecorating my daughter, Annie’s room. I […]

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Part II – Three Tips For BEFORE You Start A Remodeling Project

First, A Bit Of Advice Let me offer you a piece of good advice before you decide to buy a house:  be sure you see the house with your own eyes and walk through it to get a feel for what you’ll be spending the next 15 to 30 years paying for.  Trust me on […]

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Three Tips To Help You BEFORE You Start Redecorating

Introducing Annie Last week I started the process of updating my daughter’s bedroom.  I’m going to be posting about my progress on her room as I work, instead of just waiting for the BIG REVEAL! after I finish all my labors. Before I show you the room, the “before” photos and the updates we’ve made […]

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The Story of a Middle-Age Mom

We did it!  We adopted Annie, our granddaughter, and now we’re Grand Parents!  One friend called this “One of life’s beautiful curve balls”, and she’s absolutely right! But If you had asked me 10 years ago what I thought I’d be doing with my life right now, raising a baby in my 50s would never have entered the […]

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Our Adoption Journey

The sign on the door read, “Five Children From This Classroom Have Had The Flu” – the teacher wanted all who dared to enter to know they had been given fair warning. Georgeanne, my daughter’s development specialist, told me that she read the sign but went in anyway because she had had her flu shot […]

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Got The Flu? What To Do?

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