Easy Pasta with Chicken

There are times when you walk into your kitchen at 5 pm and staring aimlessly into your refrigerator, then you walk past your pantry with an empty stomach and as you hear yourself sigh a deep sigh, you know you’re in trouble. The witching hour has begun.  Your kids are whiny, and your husband just […]

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The Best Easy Pasta Dish You Can Make

The weather is finally cooling off and the leaves on the trees are slowly beginning to show their vibrant reds, golds, and oranges.  This can mean only one thing:  IT’S TIME FOR SUNDAY SOUP GROUP!!! “What the heck is Sunday Soup Group”, you might be asking.  Well, let me be the one to introduce you […]

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Do You Love Soup?

Marinades, Brines or Dry Rub?

Last summer my husband and I celebrated our thirty-fifth wedding anniversary and while most people take trips to celebrate milestone years in their lives or marriage or job, we bought a grill.  Fortunately for us, our anniversary falls during the time of the year when Costco was bringing in a sales rep from the brand […]

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Do I Marinade or Brine? Aye, There’s the RUB!

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