This morning my husband called up to me from our kitchen and said, “Hey honey, I have an idea of something we can do today; let’s clean out the pantry!”  Oh my gosh! Such a brilliant idea!  Last year we pulled everything out of our pantry, including the shelving, and cleaned it, painted it and […]

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How to Feel Good About Your Spring Cleaning

Hey there! Thanks for joining me again for part two of my tips for you to think about BEFORE you start a redecorating project!  Here’s the link to Part I if you haven’t had a chance to read it:  Currently, I’m hot and heavy in the throes of redecorating my daughter, Annie’s room. I […]

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Part II – Three Tips For BEFORE You Start A Remodeling Project

First, A Bit Of Advice Let me offer you a piece of good advice before you decide to buy a house:  be sure you see the house with your own eyes and walk through it to get a feel for what you’ll be spending the next 15 to 30 years paying for.  Trust me on […]

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Three Tips To Help You BEFORE You Start Redecorating

Introducing Annie Last week I started the process of updating my daughter’s bedroom.  I’m going to be posting about my progress on her room as I work, instead of just waiting for the BIG REVEAL! after I finish all my labors. Before I show you the room, the “before” photos and the updates we’ve made […]

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The Story of a Middle-Age Mom

I’d like to start with a confession: Until a month ago, I’d never heard the name, Danielle Walker. Once my daughter, Elizabeth, had suggested I follow “Against All Grain” on social media, but who wants to follow a person who is against ALL grains?  I’m a baker at heart, and I didn’t think I could […]

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How I’m Learning To Eat What I Love

I love these cookies and so does my family.  And so do my friends.  And pretty much anyone with whom I share them. I know you’ll love them too. Let’s go ahead and start with the recipe.  If you’re interested in the story behind the cookies, you can read that at the end. Ingredients: 3 […]

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How To Bake The Best Cookies You’ve Ever Tasted

My “Manuscript” The third or fourth draft of my manuscript was typed, edited and carefully deposited into a large yellow manilla envelope. I’d worked on it for years, and it was finally ready for final approval. It was the story of the second half of my life as I thought it should and would play […]

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How To Regain A Purpose For Your Life

Have you read Rachel Hollis’ book, “Girl, Wash Your Face”?  I’m sure I’m not in her age demography because no one has called me “girl” in about 30 years.  But being older than her average intended reader didn’t seem to stop me from loving the book or learning a lot about myself and how to […]

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How To Take Your Own Advice And Win

My daughter married in 2012, but her old bedroom looked like she had just packed up and moved away.  The well worn bedspread added to the room’s tired look. The windows were dressed in bamboo roller-shades, with no drapes at the windows to soften the room’s lack of ambience.  If I had been using the […]

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How To Create An Enchantingly Beautiful Guest Room

The Great Adventures of Annie My website should probably be called, “The Great Adventures of Annie and Her Mom” instead of Libby & Me, because this little gal is the reason my blog is in existence today. But that’s a story for another day. The dream of being Annie’s mom started one hot summer afternoon […]

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Why Loving Annie is My Greatest Adventure

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